Sunday, March 21, 2010

Angus pics

As promised, a few more pics of Angus, in rare moments when he's not flat on the floor:

Seriously, this is how he sleeps a lot of time. That's just weird!

He definitely doesn't know anything about horses.

Have discovered a new weird habit. He barks and chases when large birds fly overhead. There are wild birds all over, he doesn't pay attention to the little ones. I thought this was a fluke the first time I saw it the first evening he was home and he chased a hawk flying overhead. Today he was sitting quietly on the back patio and then he jumped up barking ferociously (scared the bejeebers out of Olin and I) and tore off across the yard after a crow that landed in a tree. What the heck? I'm all for keeping hawks away, but I worry about how he's going to react to ducks.


Nancy K. said...

What an awesome dog.
I can't believe he sleeps like that!


Rose Re said...

Probably some latent hunting vibes running through his brain unharnessed!