Friday, March 05, 2010

birds for sale

BIRDS FOR SALE! I am selling breeding stock BBRed, Brassy Back, and Blue Brassy Back birds. I do not need to keep as many birds as I currently have, since I no longer show very often. These are my absolute best birds. The sale birds will be pulled right out of my breeding pens. These are the birds I NEVER SELL. Except right now. This is what you would call a very rare opportunity. Don't plan on waiting til fall, don't plan on getting any next spring. I'm not ruling that out, but I'm not counting on having anything available. I'm cutting WAY BACK, and will be focusing my own efforts on further perfecting the BBReds.
I will be selling eggs on ebay, hopefully starting in about a week. I want to be certain that the fertility levels are high enough to justify selling them. Stay tuned, I will post that info here when the times comes.

I WILL ship birds, this one time. I haven't done it since the late 1990s. There will NOT be health paperwork. I am not NPIP certified. That wonderful free program you have in other states is an expensive pain in the butt here, so I'm not a member. If your state requires paperwork for shipping, you'll need to make some other plans. I leave that up to you, it's your responsibility to determine whether you can get birds from California.

Go to my website for more information.

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