Tuesday, March 09, 2010

an incredibly happy ending!

Sara the mule is moving to Wilton! She will be about a half a mile away, with a family I have known for 25 years. They are wonderful people who have had horses and mules forever and are active with trail riding and pack trips. On a whim, lacking their email addresses and knowing they don't read this blog, I wrote them a letter and sent a photo of Sara, asking if they had any connections who might be interested, since Sara is dear to her owner and I, and we wanted to make sure she goes to a good home. Well, turns out they were looking. Not looking hard, but of the mindset that if a good one came along then they would be interested. And there was my letter and photo. Fate, I tell you.

They will pick up Sara and bring her home late next month. I don't quite have the right words to tell you how happy this makes me, how relieved I am, how completely thrilled I am that this tiny little bit of the universe dropped perfectly into place like it was meant to be. I wish my friend didn't have to sell Sara in the first place, but I cannot think of a better place for her to be.

I cried some serious tears of joy when I got the news tonight. :-)


Granny Annie said...

We have been most eager to learn the Sara got a good home. This is great!

Anonymous said...

Hey, huge HIGH FIVE! That is great news, and I am so happy for you AND Sarah :-). It really is amazing how things fall into place!

Anonymous said...

Yay for Sarah!