Sunday, October 04, 2009

October 4 work in progress

I had to get up at 5:30 this morning to take 30something birds to auction. Oh how fun (not). It was nice to go back to bed when I got home!

I feel pretty much all better although I've been freezing cold all day (weird). Olin's foot has healed up after a thorn was removed on Wednesday, and these turkeys I'm scrimming are the CUTEST DARN THINGS ever. Seriously, I totally gush over them. The backgrounds are going to be pale to mid tone and pretty soft, since there is soooo much detail in these birds.

Earlier today:

Later today:

I am thinking now it may make more sense to sell birds in the spring when they are older and I can really judge their quality and price them accordingly. I really have no idea what to do about going to Ventura, but tonight I lean toward having to miss it. Blarg.


Unknown said...

Come to Ventura! It's the same weekend as Alden's big disc golf tournament at nearby Lake Casitas, and I'm going with him, so I'll be there at the show to hang out. :) It may be the only time I see you this coming year, as I doubt I'll be making many shows now that I got out of the birds. :( My mom is talking about going to Stockton with her new Barred Rock bantams and I might go to help if she's a vendor...but obviously you won't be there.

Rose and Kevin Re said...

Darn it, Kevin is in the same spot. Here we waited for it to get to the west coast, and we just don't have anything good to bring. Summer birds are molting, some not fully feathered....sigh