Saturday, October 10, 2009


The horse (the one I'm taking care of for someone else), he fills my brain.

I am so frustrated. Totally helpless. And totally stressed because I can't do a damn thing about it.

The horse's stats:
25 years old
sudden onset of decreased appetite, listless, started about a week ago? (much worse in last few days)
massive pitting edema along the entire abdomen, sheath, also protruding below chest
edema under jaw
labored breathing, now using all abdominal and chest muscles just to breath
pulse 64bpm (way too fast)
normal temp
normal breathing rate
not eating = not pooping
not or barely drinking = barely peeing
capillary refill in gums now 3.5 seconds
frothing profusely from the mouth
listless, stands with head down
decreased circulation, no longer able to feel digital pulse (was there yesterday!)
unstable when walking or standing

Vet says:
unsure, but suspects pigeon fever (vet has not seen horse since Thurs? vet is out of town, vet discouraged second opinion)

Vet prescribed:
two antibiotics, banamine (very large dose), and get this... benadryl. WTF?
Note that pigeon fever is NOT treated with antibiotics, hmm.

I say:
Vet is full of crap. Horse has congestive heart failure and is going to die, and at this point ought to be put down. However my pleas for an immediate second opinion from another vet did no good, but at least I said what I believe and stated my case. There is nothing else I can do, it's not my decision. Meanwhile someone comes out twice a day and loads the poor thing up with drugs that don't do him any good.

And I have to watch him die. For his sake, I hope that happens fast. :-( I hate this.

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Anonymous said...

You and the horse are both in my thoughts today. I am so sad to hear of the suffering. JPT