Sunday, October 25, 2009

my everything hurts

I'm running on fumes (uhh, literally, I just did some varnishing) but wanted to post with a progress report. Oh golly this is a lot of work, more than I expected. I started tearing things apart and cleaning on Thursday. My friend Rod was here yesterday through this morning and knows how to do all this mechanical stuff so we got tons of work done and got the drill press stand all set up and the new bench assembled. I had to make another trip back to town today for more lumber, since it ended up being necessary to put down a new floor (on top of the existing carpet in the room, but I did take out my 6x10' area rug. So I just finished the second coat of varnish on the new floor (I was not planning on a new floor!) and every square inch of me seems to be sore and I'm soooo tired. These have been very very very very busy days.

I have been taking lots of photographs, from chaos to more chaos to clearing to new arrangements. I think it'll still take several more days to get it finished, and right now the rest of the room is crammed full of my art stuff and totally unusable (there is a drafting table 4 inches from my left elbow, that's NOT where it goes!)

Current dilemmas:

1) What to do with my old drafting table that I've had since high school. It has been my drawing table all those years, but is now replaced by a much larger (YAY! That had been an issue!) and stronger table (the one I WAS using for engraving). One option is to keep it, though there really isn't room in here for what would now be THREE tables, so that might be a moot point. Have there been times when I've wished for two tables so I could work on two drawings? Yes. But with the biz moving toward engraving and what was apparently my heyday of illustration work now several years behind me, those days might be over. The other option is to sell it. There's absolutely no other place in the house to put it.

2) What to do with my painting stuff. I'm not sure it'll fit within the confines of the new floor. It could sit on the carpet though with a dropcloth as needed. Or, since I haven't painted since April, maybe I ought to throw all my paints into a box and stick them in the closet and fold up my easel and stash it somewhere else. It would certainly unclutter this area if all those supplies went away. I'm not saying I'd never paint again, just that it would be available on an "as needed" basis.


I may wake up by Monday.

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