Tuesday, October 13, 2009

catching up (lots of pics!)

Okay, I shall now attempt to get back on track with regular blogging, and certainly on to cheerier subject matter. I don't know if I have anything particularly useful to say today so I'll just ramble.

On Sunday I went to a harvest festival out in Sloughhouse with JJ. There were more pumpkins and gourds and stuff than a person could shake a stick at! I must admit I did not realize they were available in such an array of shapes and colors. Nifty!

I caught a certain orange cat cuddling with the infamous pillow the other day. Hee hee! ;-)

People in this area get really excited about the weather. Is that a Sacramento thing or a California thing? I mean sure, it's newsworthy that we had a giant storm today, but I think it gets a little overly-dramatic sometimes.

We did have a giant storm though. First one of the season. I did not anticipate so much damage. We got nearly 2 inches of rain, and there were very high wind gusts. I guess we don't usually get such high winds in the early fall when the trees are still leafy and full, so there was a LOT of tree damage here. There are branches all over the yard, and half of the perfectly-shaped mimosa tree snapped off, but this is definitely the biggest problem:

Not only does it suck to lose a big beautiful tree, but that means some serious fence fixing (I'm not sure yet if the leaning post can be salvaged, I didn't get a very good look at it today). Ugh. Dear Mother Nature, if you feel the urge to knock trees over, please have them land away from the fence, not on it. Luckily I'm able to pen the horses up in the corral while waiting for the tree guys to come out and remove this (I don't do chain saws, I'm dangerous enough with a hammer!)

The quest for a perfect engraving bench continues. I decided that hacking a hole in my really super nice drafting table isn't the greatest idea. I mean, it would totally work, but I just hate to do that to it. So I've found one desk that will work at Staples, but it seems a tad pricey for how simple it is. There are a few other places I'm going to look. I wanted to find some amazing antique thing at the consignment store the other day, but alas I did not. It was amusing though, there's some weird stuff in those places! Anyway, I was going to do that this morning but after doing the relatively short drive out to the barn-sitting job, I decided I didn't want to be on the road any more than necessary today considering the weather. It was a good day to wear flannel pants and stay indoors. Only problem (other than trees falling down) was that the power was off and on all day, which is pretty annoying when you're sitting at the microscope and the light turns off every few minutes!

I have to say it was a beautiful sunset though, setting over the lakes pasture.


Anonymous said...

Have you tried looking at Craigslist for a table that would work for you? You can sometimes find a great deal and Sacto has a good Craigslist. I am mad at mother nature too because she does not seem to appreciate all the hard work you put into the electic fence! Trees should definitely fall in the other direction from electric fences. BTW, gorgeous photos of the pumpkins and gourds! Can you scrim on a dried gourd? I know you can woodburn on them, but what about drawing or scrimming or engraving? Just thinking out loud! -BM

John Going Gently said...

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