Friday, October 02, 2009

I should write something

Yup, feeling guilty for not blogging in three days. The turkeys on the pistol grips are getting pretty close to done (still have to do the backgrounds, and the last image, okay this is REALLY hammering home how badly the prices need to go up, I am working my booty off on this piece). But I didn't photograph them just yet.

I've been sick for the last few days. It's a mild cold, but it's annoying, and I feel absolutely drained of energy. I baked cookies today (because me and Mom and my grandpa went to visit my brother at the fire station today, and I had the urge to bring the guys some cookies) and I sat down on the couch while waiting a few minutes for the pan to cool, and I was asleep in an instant. Hmm. Hopefully I'll be feeling better soon!

I'm about maxed out on family togetherness... it's weeks like this one where I envy people who have a separate studio into which they can sequester themselves. I need me-time!!!

Pet peeve of mine: people who call me something other than my name. I don't mean "you sexy gorgeous amazingly talented goddess" because that might be okay (though nobody's tried that specific one out on me yet), I mean people who don't know me who feel the urge to call me Kathy. Or Katie. Or Kate. Or Kathleen. Come on, that one's not even close. Seriously. My website is I sign things as Katherine, that's the name I go by. Sorry, it just drives me bonkers, especially when I sign an email as Katherine and get a return email "dear Kathy".

Another pet peeve: how do I say this, body noises? Specifically people who sniff incessantly. Constant throat-clearing gets to me too, but incessant sniffing makes me want to scream and throw things. Now, I'm fairly forgiving if you're sick, or eating soup, or outside in cold weather, or have terrible allergies (because goodness knows all that happens to me too, but really though, blow your dang nose or be conscious of snorking your boogers in the presence of other people), but when someone's normal daily existence and conversations are punctuated by a frequent loud SNIFF, I think my insides are starting to tie into knots. Aaaarrrrrrg! How are people unaware of how annoying they are?!?! Call that my public service announcement of the day. Nobody wants to hear your nose.

Hmm, did I mention I need some me-time? I'll stop ranting...for now.


Granny Annie said...

Dear Katherine:Please forgive my sniffing and ignore that white powder around my nose:)

Jan Blawat said...

I think you need LESS me-time and more time around the rest of humanity where yes, people do make noises and gave you nicknames, but mostly you overlook those things because they're people who love you. Even so, a studio would be cool. I saw one of those construction office trailers the other day that had big windows and looked like just the right size to heat in the winter and cool in the summer. I was even thinking of it and I only do art for fun. And maybe 5 days a year.

Katherine Plumer said...

Nicknames from friends and family are totally different!

And no, people just need to be more self-aware and less annoying.

Yes, I'm very annoyed lately. It'll pass.

Jan Blawat said...

Have you ever seen that numerology thing that's based on your name? Some people use a nickname just so the numbers work out better. Maybe sticking to Katherine has put you in a rut, maybe the numbers would be better if you called yourself Kitty Plumer.

Am I annoying yet? Give me time. I'm going to see if I can find that number thing online.

Jan Blawat said...

It's in the numbers. Change your name to Kathy.

Katherine Plumer said...

No, it doesn't fit me. Kathy is my aunt, not me. Maybe I just need to come up with an unpronounceable symbol?

I tried to be Kitty when I was about 12 years old. It was too weird.

Careful, I might start calling you Janny. ;-)