Sunday, September 21, 2008

and then something wonderful happened

Two wonderful things, actually. :-)

First, a very cool lady named Catherine stopped by and bought "Aragorn at One Year." Yup, the original! He's off to a good home, and I'm very excited about that!!!

And then "Thankful" won People's Choice!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have not tallied things up yet, but I think I may find this actually turned out to be my best year, but only because of selling a large original painting, otherwise sales were way down, as were the number of visitors. Dang economy. It'll be interesting to see what the top selling card was. I have a hunch but I'll add them up tomorrow.

I'm tired and sore and happy and I ate way too much sugar today and I'd do just about anything for a foot massage right about now.

And I need to remember that when I've been shooting pics at ISO 800 I need to remember to reset that to auto, otherwise all my "normal" photos turn out gritty too, oops!


Anonymous said...

Oh Wow! Congratulations - TWICE!

Adventure Prone and Co. said...

Geeze Kat, you should have me name all of your pieces! J/K. Congratulations. All the hard work is paying off. Keep at it!

Anonymous said...

Yeehah! Katherine hits the big time. I don't know which is more exciting, the sale or the award. I pick the award, I know what kind of competition there is at that show, and a lot of the people who attend it are art connoisseurs. JJ

Katherine Plumer said...

BM- Thanks!

Bry- no kidding, well at this rate you ARE titling much of my stuff anyway. :-) Thanks, I'm so excited! Now I need to whip up my application for the miniatures show and get that sent off this week.

JJ- Long term I think People's Choice is more exciting, that gets me some serious bragging rights! ;-)

Romeo said...

Congrats! I knew I liked that one for a reason.. cause I have good taste. All about, just playin.