Friday, September 19, 2008

a slow start

Well, let's just say there's significant room for improvement in sales here at the Draft Horse Classic. Yesterday, in typical Thursday fashion, was a complete waste of time. Today was slightly better but it sure seemed empty. I'm counting on the weekend!

Here's the booth:

"Thankful" with first place ribbon:

"Sunday Morning" with second place ribbon:

Some Friesians:

A Clydesdale:

The horse pics were taken during the Thursday evening show, which started at 6:30pm, so I'm impressed they came out this well considering the low light. I think I was shooting at ISO 800, but of course it eventually just got way too dark.

I'm getting lots of questions about scrimshaw, and I'm actually impressed by how many people know what it is (at least somewhat).

I love it when people remember me from year to year, and even better is when they tell me they've come up just to shop my booth (yes, that really happened today!) I recognize a lot of the same visitors from year to year.

Oh, want to hear some really exiting news? I won the "Most Informative" category in the engraving tutorial (with the bear cub scrimshaw) so that's going to be a significant step toward getting setup to learn how to engrave metal. I'm gonna git me an airgraver! Woo hoo! Now I just need a vice...


Anonymous said...

Need a vice? As in drinking or carousing? JJ

Katherine Plumer said...

No no, I'm sure I have enough of those sort of vices (then again, um, no). I mean a vice as in something to hold the piece on which to be engraved.