Monday, September 01, 2008

the boys are back

JJ's horses Dusty and Blue Top are here. Both are Tennessee Walkers. They'll be getting shod Wednesday morning. Blue Top will go home Thursday or Friday, Dusty's going to be sticking around for at least a month. I'll be working with him all month (as time allows) so that he will be ready for trail riding up at JC's in late Sept, and hopefully some trail rides with other friends as well, if other friends are comfortable riding Shylah.

I'm sure I'll be taking pics at some point.

The kitchen color came out more pale than I'd hoped. I wanted a much darker color anyway but compromised on this one. Oh well. It's better than the ugly wallpaper. It took two coats plus a primer, so it's good to be done!

I hope I get my DHC announcements soon, I need to mail those out.

I did not ride tonight, there's a big fire in the area and the smoke is horrible this evening.

I think I'll buy some mammoth ivory slabs. I'll still debating what to do about the knife.

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