Monday, September 08, 2008


I did not go on the Starbucks ride today, it was too hot. There's no reason to be out a horse when it's over 100 degrees..yuck! I am ready for fall!

AC came over yesterday morning and rode Shylah. She's a newbie to horses but has expressed interest in a trail ride but I want her to get well acquainted with Shylah in a controlled situation before doing something like that. Not that Shylah's uncontrollable, far from it. She is, however, well aware of when she has an inexperienced rider and takes full advantage of the situation by stopping, slowing down, grazing, etc. AC did well, and said she felt very safe with Shylah but was annoyed by her laziness. Yes, I often feel the same way, but for being an irritating arena horse I kinda like that careful pokiness out on the trail. I rode Dusty, and they did well in close proximity, and he was actually very relaxed and willing to walk at Shylah's speed, so that's promising that the two of them could trail ride together. Dusty's not wild or anything, he's just got a huge stride and a lot of ambition.

Looks like "Bears and Boulders 2008" (the week of riding at JC's) is going to be delayed a month or so. I guess that's just as well, September is really a crazy month.

Here are some pics I took late this evening:

Gwen, age 21-ish or somewhere thereabouts.

Shylah, age 5

Dusty, age 11 (?)

Gwen's face has gotten a lot more gray in recent years!


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Anonymous said...

Now that's an amazing photo of Dusty with the sunset behind him! Good work!