Sunday, September 07, 2008

September 7 works in progress

I'm about to start totally stressing out with art show prep. You are forewarned. ;-)

Okay, I think I'm getting somewhere on this now! I'm looking back and forth from the pic on the screen to the drawing across the room and it's so much nicer looking in person. Doesn't help that it's darn near impossible to photograph without it getting a reflection from the light (as it has here in the center of the image).

I had an image in mind for my next scrim project (two draft horses in harness) but it's a very dark and VERY detailed image, and I need another western/wildlife piece done by the end of the month, so I went through my rodeo pics I've shot and decided to do a bronc rider image instead right now. I'll have to put the nude scrim on hold for a while, this is a really important and urgent deadline. So I got this sketched out today and taped on ready for transfer.

[EDIT] on second thought I'm removing this image, you'll just have to wait and watch the image develop. ;-)

not yet titled
2x2 inches
scrimshaw on Corian

This is that knife I was talking about the other day. A really well made "art knife" would not have all those screw holes, but I have a design sorta sketched out (no I won't show you) that works around those. It's in color. I have some concerns about the darkness of the mammoth ivory. Still debating....

What is this, take photos of my hand day? What can I say, it's quicker than setting up backdrops. I got some ivory in the mail the other day from an engraver friend. Awesome! Thank you Rod C.!!!

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