Sunday, February 17, 2008

ramblings and ponderings

The weekend flew!

I got my new table on Friday. "Sturdy" is an understatement. It's fabulous, but oh wow it's big. That's okay, it fits, and there's room on the table top for me to get some sort of little storage bin/organizer for the inks, ivory, tools, jewelry stuff, etc. The scope is still undergoing some work, so I don't yet have a functional scrim setup here. Soon, I hope! Keep them fingers and toes crossed. I spent a lot of Saturday working on organizing everything that came out of the various shelves in here when I moved everything around. Throwing away a lot, organizing a lot, and I really want to get rid of some art. I'm strongly considering some deep discounts just to MOVE stuff out of here. Space and money would both come in handy right about now.

Saturday evening JC was here, and J&L also. We had my fake birthday dinner, and cheesecake. :-) JC was here to pick up a filly a few miles from here this morning, so she brought her horse "Rocket" along. He neighed a lot last night. Someone didn't sleep well. Other people were totally oblivious. I unfortunately was the one who didn't sleep well, but I compensated with a nap this morning.

Getting the filly was all kinds of exciting. It went quickly, but my gosh I can't imagine why she wasn't halterbroke and leadable and for that matter weaned beforehand! Poor little horse had a rough day. JC, I hope she settles in quickly!

I rode Shylah yesterday. I hadn't ridden for quite some time and oh wow am I feeling sore today. :-/ She was great though, hasn't forgotten a thing. I was hoping her canter would have miraculously gotten better over the winter but no such luck. I still hate it. But she has a great trot, and I love her anyway. :-) I took her out in the field out front where all the ruts are from the stuck-vehicle incident and she decided some were so deep they had to be jumped. What a dork. She could just step over, but whatever.

I pounded in a few posts this afternoon to put up a little fence around a tree Mom planted recently, and then let the horses back out onto the far pasture, which they have been off for a few months. They seemed pleased. It was a warm sunny day and the grass was dry so I flopped out on the ground and listened to the horses grazing just a few feet away. What a great sound.

Do you ever think about fate? Like how does your life end up taking the path that it takes? It boggles my mind to think about that stuff, which is what I was doing while flopped in the pasture today. Actually it's been on my mind a lot lately, because people keep saying stuff like "well if it wasn't for [such and such] then blah blah blah" and I totally agree. Like scrimshaw, how did I fall into this. How far does that trace back, the chain of events and people? (way back, but I won't bore you with the details). It's crazy to think about that stuff, if I hadn't known so and so or been in some place or whatever it may be. I can totally lose myself going down those mental roads.

Those of you who know me in person, do you think I'm the same in person as I am in writing? If you only knew me on email or read my blog and then you ran into me some place would you be surprised? (Aside from the fact that I write more than I talk). ;-) Actually this happens sometimes, people I don't know at poultry shows or art shows come up and tell me they read my blog!

I gotta go to bed, my brain is full, as is tomorrow's schedule.


Anonymous said...

In person, you are very introverted. In email, you really let it all out. You are more honest about your art and feelings.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous has a good piont, but I do think you are alike (in-person vs. your writing). It's a neat talent to articulate your thoughts in a way that everyone understands and "gets". I aways hear your voice when I read your writing, which is rather amusing! haha.

Katherine Plumer said...

I'd have to agree. I am more bold in writing than in person. It's an easier way for me to communicate I guess. I can shoot off a pissy email full of things I'd never say in person.

I like the written version of "me" better. How bad is that!? ;-)

I just don't want anyone to think I'm putting on some sort of false front in what I write. My fingers just type out my thoughts are saying (well, I edit, of course). I imagine that the writings and the real live me are only the same to the people who know me really well, the people to whom I *do* say anything and everything.

I've been told I think too much. ;-)