Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Have you ever had one of those times when you just can't stop laughing? I don't get that too often, but oh geez sometimes! Last night in dance class one of those moments. Now mind you on Mondays I'm kinda like one of the assistants, since it's the beginner class. So I'm supposed to be composed...I usually am. But last night "A" wasn't able to do the arm movements because of a shoulder boo boo, but she was moving just her hands, and it looked funny. So I turned around and said "tyrannosaurus does bellydancing!" I was thinking of this clip.

And she busted up laughing, and I busted up laughing, and neither of us could STOP LAUGHING. It was a "you had to be there" moment but there I was trying to help lead the class in a very sensuous and serious dance and tears were streaming out my eyes and I was practically doubled over laughing. I just couldn't stop, it was totally ridiculous. :-)

And then tonight I'd made a new batch of iced tea and I threw in a new flavor from a new set a friend had given me for Christmas. Mom said "mm, this is good, what kind is this?" (It's called Berry Blossom White I think). So I said, "um, it's some kind of berry... white..." And immediately I'm thinking "da daa na naaa, we really got it together baby" Ack, busting up laughing again, "Not Barry White!" Oh yeah, had to be there.

What's with me? I'm not usually that much of a dork.

So anyway, I washed 17 chickens today. Whee! I think there 9 more tomorrow and/or Thurs but I keep losing track.

My microscope is with my neighbor now, so he can take a look at it and help me figure out what's wrong. Not sure how long that will take...but I'm still waiting on the desk anyway. Hopefully no more than a week to go! I'll take a pic of the studio when it's all set up. I should be back to doing scrim tomorrow, I gotta finish that dog!

And in closing today, a bit of cuteness. :-)

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