Tuesday, February 26, 2008

broke down

This is not going to go down as one of my best evenings, but it could have been worse. I will say right from the start I am thankful for two things:

1) I didn't make it to the freeway
2) I wasn't in costume

I was supposed to be down in Lodi at 5:30 for dance rehearsal. For no particular reason I'd decided to wear jeans and change when I got there, instead of just going in costume like usual. I left at 5, and was about two miles from home when suddenly my battery light went on, I could hardly steer the car at all, and it smelled funny.

Um, not good.

I pulled off the road, popped the hood and saw smoke, called Mom so she could call the garage, called AAA, and waited a half hour for a tow truck. It's amazing to me that nobody stops when someone is pulled off obviously having car trouble. Not that I'd expect a random person to stop, but of the cop and two sheriffs that passed by at different times clearly not on their way to an emergency, you'd think someone might want to check that I was okay.

But I digress. There's nothing like sitting alone for a half hour in the fading evening light in a dead cold car thinking I've somehow reached the end of the road and that this somehow just means "DOOM." The health of that car is directly in line with my mood, so I'm feeling pretty bleak tonight. Feel free to send me some virtual hugs, I need it. Money works too. Ha.

So I got towed to the Wilton Garage and thankfully managed to hold it together enough not to just completely start bawling in the waiting room.

And now I'm home, crossing my fingers and toes in hopes that I can afford to fix whatever has gone wrong this time.



Anonymous said...

A big hug to you, and I'll be praying the guys at the Wilton Garage can turn your car into a brand new RAV4. (Why not go for the max?) If you can get them to patch my truck together, you're welcome to drive it until yours gets fixed.

I bet the cops would have stopped if you had been in costume.

Katherine Plumer said...

Thanks... I guess I'll find out tomorrow what's wrong with it and play it by ear as far as what to do about it. :-/

I'm taking the truck to the feed store tomorrow, so I'll get chicken food for you and bring that over some time in the mid afternoon on Thurs.

Adventure Prone and Co. said...

hmmm. probably either the alternator is fried or the starter solenoid is stuck. or a belt is bad.
of course you know what FORD stands for: Found-On-Road-Dead. ha ha, that one's still funny after all these years.

Anonymous said...


I know exactly what you are talking about regarding someone stopping. Remember when I was late on Sunday morning to open the Showroon up? On one of the backroads that I have to take to get to the freeway, some poor lady had attempted to make a U-turn, and her car had stalled, blocking most of the road. There were several cars in front of me, men included, that actually had to pull off of the road to get by. and that's exactly what they did (arrgghh)
I was a little peeved to say the least, and by the time I got up close enough to see what was happening, I was feeling a bit onery (hehe) and stopped my truck right in the area needed to pass by, got out, and she and I proceeded to push her car to the side of the road. Not even anyone behind me (who were all stuck until the car was moved ;) ) got out to help.
I'm afraid that you and I live in the past with our expectancy of people.

I hope it's something simple and cheap for you.


Katherine Plumer said...

Bry- I'm hoping it's simple. A wishin and a hopin. Oh yeah trust me I've heard all the ford jokes... More than once...

D- thank you!! You know, I don't remember you being late because I was so late that morning. Alarm didn't go off, oops! I was one of the last to coop out. And you always have potential to be ornery! ;-)

Anonymous said...

:P~ ppfffffT lol