Tuesday, February 12, 2008

horsing around

Seems like a lot of people had "one of those days" today. Luckily mine was fine. But a lot of other people's stars must have been aligned funny or something. First thing I noticed this morning was that my neighbors' motorhome and cargo trailer were out in the middle of their field. Strange place to leave it, I thought. Then they called and asked if I know anyone with a tractor. Ahh, oops! Overshot the turnaround circle and got stuck deep in the mud last night.

I spent the morning sewing, and finished my outfit, which looks flippin awesome. I am going to have some pics taken tomorrow but I'm not sure I'll post them or not, might make you all wait til mid March! Bwahaha.

Anyway, after lunch it was 70 degrees and the roundpen looked pretty dry so I knocked the big chunks of mud off Shylah and set out to do some groundwork. She was great. Peppy but out of shape, but she was right on the mark and very responsive. It's been a while... The ground was still a little slick though, she slipped around a bit so I had to be kinda careful what I asked of her.

I worked on drawing for a little while, but every time I looked up I could see my neighbors trying to dig out the motorhome and I felt bad so I went to see if I could help. My contribution was coming with a phone number for someone who did have a tractor, and of course moral support. ;-) So over the course of the afternoon I saw a lot of different vehicles get stuck in the mud, some of them more than once. Luckily some people down the street have a monstrously enormous tractor that got everything out. It was nerve-wracking to watch. The field is full of really deep ruts now.

Don't underestimate what looks like solid ground this time of year!

I am making chocolate peanut butter fudge cheesecake this weekend for my not-birthday dinner. Mmmm. :-)


Anonymous said...

The north wind was blowing, it's always weird when that happens. You must be immune to the negative ions, which gives you a marvelous opportunity to watch the rest of us go nuts. Sort of like being the only sober person at a party. JJ

Katherine Plumer said...

Yeah, well, that's usually me! ;-)