Monday, February 11, 2008

Black Labrador Dog Scrimshaw

This scrim piece was done with the intention of answering the question "can you scrim like you draw?" I think the answer is yes. I'm quite happy with this. It's 2x2 inches, black and white scrimshaw. The surface is Corian. It will be for sale.

This is how much I actually see while working on it at 10X magnification.


Anonymous said...

Love your lab. Guess I'm sort of partial to them as we have a black lab also....named Bubba. Oh, he is so special to us. Thinks he is surely one of the family.

Your work is so very beautiful. Would that I could someday - if I live that long - smile - to do any work nearly as well as yours. I'm gonna try.

How long did it take to scrim the lab?

Thank you so much for sharing your talents. Very inspirational.
Mary Warlick

Katherine Plumer said...

Thanks Mary, I really appreciate the comment. :-)

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