Monday, January 21, 2008


My overwhelming impression of today is this: cold. Or perhaps "OMG so cold, I darn near froze my... coins off!" The performance today was interesting. Not a huge crowd but they seemed to enjoy it. Unfortunately it was running quite late. I'm not sure what time we actually got on stage (outdoors!) but we all stood huddled up like those penguins braving an Antarctic winter while waiting our turn.

"A" and I did two dances. There were five total, but two were solos and the other is one we don't know. Other than the weather it was fun, and afterwards we went out for ice cream (on a cold day, yeah, I know...) at Cold Stone, and that was fun just to sit around and shoot the breeze and get to know people better. There were only six of us in the performance today.

Here are a couple pics my mom took before we left here. I do have permission from "A" to post these but she wants her name to stay anonymous so if you know who she is please don't put her name in the comments. (I'm on the right, in case you didn't already know that).

No scrimshaw today. Back to it tomorrow, plus I had better start my stupid sales taxes. Icky!


Anonymous said...

You both look AWESOME! :-). What are the tummy covers? I like to solid black ones.
Your makeup looks really good, too!

Katherine Plumer said...

Just camisoles pulled down low. I actually prefer mesh but we didn't have anything matching (we will soon, I ordered some fishnet ones). I think the fishnet is way sexy, the black kinda takes away from the "costume" effect. But then that's just me... :-)