Monday, January 28, 2008

an ordeal but SO worth it!

I am absolutely exhausted. I had delusions of writing a long blog tonight but I'm not going to stay awake long enough. Here's the condensed version, on which I will expand in great detail at a later date (hopefully tomorrow).

I took the greyhound bus to Reno yesterday morning.
That's an experience in itself. I feel like I need to be disinfected.
The gun/engraving show was fantastic.
I met super duper wonderful important inspiring people.
They liked my stuff. A lot. :-)
I am SO glad that I went.
I fully intend to be an exhibitor there next year.
I think I was meant to do this.
Woo hoo!
Got home late this afternoon. SO tired. More later.



Adventure Prone & Co. said...

Did you win any money?

Katherine said...

Lol, no. I felt the need to not part with any more money than necessary so I didn't gamble at all. :-) I guess I figured it was enough of a gamble just going there!