Tuesday, January 22, 2008

January 22 work in progress and other pics

Having drawn almost this exact same image in graphite a few months ago, it's really interesting to compare them. This is SO much harder! And it's going to take longer for sure. But, I think I'm going to prove what I aim to prove with this piece. Cross all your fingers and toes that the weather gets better by this weekend. I am a little worried about the drive to Reno....never driven in snow before but I *really* want to go!!! Eek!

It was a super busy day. I started the icky taxes this morning then did scrim ALL afternoon til it got dark and then worked on sewing tonight (along with rotting my brain and watching half of American Idol).

I was surprised to find the yard full of turkeys when I came back over here during one of two breaks this afternoon (once for hot tea and once to put on another pair of socks because I could no longer feel my toes, they went numb from cold). Not that turkeys are unusual, it just startled me to look out the window at them. It was too dark today (rained all day) to get good photos.

The dogs normally ignore them, so I was super shocked today when arthritic deaf Jessie leapt out of bed and ran after them and darn near caught one. I know this photo sucks but the black blob is Jessie and the other blob with a red head is a turkey. Wow! I don't like the turkeys coming up in the yard around my birds anyway so I'm okay with them being chased out (usually it's me doing the chasing). I am glad she didn't catch it though, that would have been awkward.

My cute soggy horses, Gwen (with the white blaze) and Shylah (with the fantastic hairdo):

What is it with cats wanting to sit on whatever I'm working on? Here is Olin "helping" me sew outfit parts.


Adventure Prone and Co. said...

All I can say is, if you've never tried smoked wild turkey you don't know what you are missing. No one will know...


Katherine Plumer said...

Oh gosh I'd love to! Just didn't want to deal with turkey issues right then and there. ;-) I did have part of one my brother shot ages ago, it was darn good. There's a huge flock that's often hanging about. I've seen up to 42 of them in the pasture!

Anonymous said...

As for cats and sewing...mom is a quilter and when Bobby was alive, she would sit on mom's works in progress. I think they secret members of the fashion police and they are doing "spot checks" on us humans. Maybe he wants a kitty outfit made out of scraps. BM

Katherine Plumer said...

Probably, he would look adorable. ;-) He really has a thing for red fabric too. Good taste!