Thursday, January 03, 2008

hmm, 2008

I haven't been doing any art in the last little while (well, except tonight I started the layout for a new piece) and it's been sort of nice but I'm at the point now where I REALLY want to get back to making stuff. That's good! :-)

There really isn't much of anything exciting to report.

The first big storm of the year is supposed to roll in during the wee hours tonight. Several inches of rain, 60mph winds, flooding, etc. Ugh. Today I put away/tarped/tied down everything I could, and put a rain sheet on Gwen since she seems to get cold sometimes (not Shylah, but she's a lot fuzzier anyway).

I hung all the dog paintings and a few horse paintings in a coffee shop in town today. Oh crud, I need to update my website! I'll go do that now.

Wish me luck this weekend. :-)

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Adventure Prone and Co. said...

Yay Katherine! Awesome belly dancing outfit. I love it and you look really good! You are sure to be a smash. Look out for the Chicken Lady, she is plum crazy...ha ha