Wednesday, January 16, 2008

upcoming dance performance!! and other stuff...

Okay, first things first, I *finally* got the info on this one today. Sorry for the short notice. I will be in a bellydance performance with the troupe:

"Snow Storm"
Monday January 21st
Weber Point Event Center
Stockton, CA
admission is a gently used coat or a canned food item

I don't have any idea what my participation will be. Probably going to be in two dances, I'm assuming, since that's all I know right now... But, one way or another, I'll be there, so come on out and say hi.

"A" and I went to the fabric store today and did some on line ordering to start assembling our outfits for Rakkasah. Evidently we are the first students to be designing our own outfits, which I think makes us officially awesome. I am SO excited to work on that, we got some seriously gorgeous stuff today. The outfits will be black and red, and we'll match each other but not the troupe members (since we are "Padawans" right now). Whee!

The big computer is unplugged until further notice. Thank goodness for the laptop, I know from past experience I don't handle lack of email very well. ;-) Of course now that I don't have access to the big computer I think of all sorts of things I need to do on there. Such is life, hopefully the repair will not take too long.

I am accumulating all sorts of "alternative" materials for scrimshaw, because I do realize that there are people out there who are not comfortable with the idea of ivory, even though the ivory is all stuff that has been around since before 1972. I ordered some antler tips on line and just got those the other day. I am concerned they will not be the right sort of surface (too porous) but I'm willing to try. I also polished one of the blue tagua nuts (for a whale image) and have ordered a piece of paper micarta ("fake ivory" commonly used on knife handles), and today I got some totally neat 2x2" Corian tiles. If that turns out to be a nice surface those will be a LOT of fun to work with, and I've been wanting to make something bigger than the little pendants! I've been given a challenge. Can I scrim as well as I drew Jessie? I hope to prove that I can. :-)


Anonymous said...

Ugg! I won't be able to be there on Monday - have to work, and there is lots to do so I doubt I will be able to get away. I will be thinking about you though!

Katherine Plumer said...

Awww, well that sucks! :-( It's a holiday!!!!

You HAVE TO come to Rakkasah!!!!! The new outfits I'm designing are going to be so pretty! :-)