Thursday, January 31, 2008

blah blah

There isn't all that much excitement right now but I tend to feel somewhat guilty if I don't write stuff, because then it's like people are checking in on me for nothing.

I finished my stupid sales tax forms on time. I guess I can procrastinate a little bit til the really horrendous ones are due in April...

I ordered a desk for my microscope. It won't be here for two weeks. It's bigger than I had in mind (the guy at the store said it would be much sturdier than the one I had in mind though, plus it was about $100 cheaper, woo hoo!) I need to bust out my map I made in InDesign of the front room/studio area and figure out ahead of time where the heck all this stuff is going to go. I think something will get banished. Maybe the easel will just be folded up most of the time. If things go how I want them to go then I do anticipate doing fewer paintings (that'll make a few people sad). I'm having a bit of a problem with the scope right now anyway. I won't get into detail but hopefully this will get resolved soon, one way or another! I really don't want to scrim next door anymore, but I might just to finish up the dog portrait...we'll see. There's quite a lot of stuff I need to do.

I've been sewing like mad working on the costumes for Rakkasah for "A" and I. They are gorgeous, if I can toot my own horn. You should come see us just to ogle the outfits I'm making, if nothing else!

I have two poultry shows this month.

Oh! And the big computer is back. Yay! It seems so huge! Hopefully at some point I will catch up on emails...

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