Friday, December 28, 2007

the weary traveler returns

I'm back from the annual pilgrimage to my homeland (San Diego). Left here the morning of the 25th, got back late this afternoon. Guess who did all 990 miles (round trip) of So sleepy!

I had a good Christmas although it seemed more rushed and stressful this year. It was kind of weird down in San Diego, so many times I kept thinking about what Grammie would be doing if she was there.... sitting with us in the living room in the evening, watching television with Pop, bossing everyone around in the kitchen.. We all really missed her. Several of my cousins were unable to be there this year so the crowd seemed small, but chaotic nonetheless. ;-)

Mom and I went to the Zoo yesterday. It's so crowded this time of year! Ugh. I always enjoy going there though. It's SO different than how it was when I was a kid. Does anyone else remember the spider monkeys that were right by the exit? I miss the junglefowl too.

Here are a few pics from the zoo:

It cracked me up to hear some lady standing next to me describe these to her kids as "Bacterian Camels." LOL!

Egrets and a heron perched atop the bird of prey aviaries...random. Oh how I would love to have those aviaries, I'd fill them with chickens! ;-)

Awwwww!!!! :-)

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Anonymous said...

I bet that if you had aviaries like those in San Diego, you would go ahead and have even MORE color varieties. Look out San Diego, you have created a monster! :)