Saturday, December 22, 2007

I think I'm ready

Wow, I think I'm actually ready for Christmas. I finished making gifts yesterday, and wrapped them all today. I finished baking cookies this morning. No more art til early January, but expect pics of the recent projects in about a week. I have a ton of work to do around the house tomorrow, and I must remember to get my entries in for some upcoming poultry shows! It won't be much of a show string. *sigh*

It's been cold, which much of the rest of the country will laugh at, because by "cold" I mean it's been getting into the 20s at night. Brrrr. (it doesn't even snow here). The horses are so fuzzy! I need to post some pics of them. I'll have to chip the mud off first... Time to put rice hulls in the chicken coops to combat the muddy conditions.

If you haven't poked around my store for a while, I have most of my for-sale items on line now. Still a few to add but most of it's there now.

Not the most exciting blog post, I know. Just wait... ;-)

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