Tuesday, December 11, 2007

this and that

One down, two to go, on the gotta-get-done-by Christmas stuff. I'll post it after the 25th. :-)

It was a busy weekend. Cleaned the barn, including *finally* putting up bridle brackets in the tack room. I've only been here ten years, and had the brackets sitting in a bag for at least a year. They're up, it looks great. No more bridles on nails! This should inspire me to get out and ride. Actually, it's not for lack of inspiration that I barely see my horses lately, it's just lack of time. Get up, make art all day, it gets dark, make more art, go to bed...

Anyway, other than that I helped Mom with making caramels, did a bit of sewing on a fun little project, and watched two movies. I thought Children of Men was horrible. Charlotte's Web made me cry.

It's been chilly at night and we had I think two days of rain, but it's been quite dry. That's not good.

Eddie is doing pretty good. For all I know he could last another year. His breathing requires more effort than that of a healthy chicken. But he crows... I put him out in the yard during the days but I think he prefers to be indoors, he paces the cage outside. Here's a pic I took today. His crop is hugely full and sticking out funny. Almost 12 years old!


Anonymous said...

Even though his crop is sticking out, he still looks to be quite the regal fellow. Give him a bit of a treat and tell him it's from me!

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