Tuesday, December 11, 2007

this and that

One down, two to go, on the gotta-get-done-by Christmas stuff. I'll post it after the 25th. :-)

It was a busy weekend. Cleaned the barn, including *finally* putting up bridle brackets in the tack room. I've only been here ten years, and had the brackets sitting in a bag for at least a year. They're up, it looks great. No more bridles on nails! This should inspire me to get out and ride. Actually, it's not for lack of inspiration that I barely see my horses lately, it's just lack of time. Get up, make art all day, it gets dark, make more art, go to bed...

Anyway, other than that I helped Mom with making caramels, did a bit of sewing on a fun little project, and watched two movies. I thought Children of Men was horrible. Charlotte's Web made me cry.

It's been chilly at night and we had I think two days of rain, but it's been quite dry. That's not good.

Eddie is doing pretty good. For all I know he could last another year. His breathing requires more effort than that of a healthy chicken. But he crows... I put him out in the yard during the days but I think he prefers to be indoors, he paces the cage outside. Here's a pic I took today. His crop is hugely full and sticking out funny. Almost 12 years old!

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Anonymous said...

Even though his crop is sticking out, he still looks to be quite the regal fellow. Give him a bit of a treat and tell him it's from me!