Monday, December 17, 2007

now don't get huffy

It's funny, if I don't blog for a few days (or almost a week) I hear about it! Nice to know someone out there is paying attention I guess. ;-) I've been busy. Busy with art that can't go on here yet, and busy with something I've never blogged about but I'm thinking I might.. Mm, say what?

So last week was pretty much workworkwork. Saturday morning I went with friends AC and TC to look at a puppy. A family friend's dog had an "oops" litter. Well it worked out perfectly, they loved one of the pups and the timing was right for them and I'm super excited that it all worked out. Cute little buggers but boy I don't think I would want one! I like them older, and mellower. :-)

Sunday morning I met BM and she drove us up north to JC and DC's for our annual Christmas get-together. Wow, that was just yesterday?! This is nuts. It was a fun, if whirlwind, visit. Nice to see everyone. Got back home this afternoon, had a bit of caffeine, went and cut down a Christmas tree, was out and about all evening, and now it's late and I need to work on a painting that I want to FINISH tomorrow. I still have a way to go but I think I can pull it off. I am good under pressure. It's to be done by Christmas. My client seems to be getting ancy. Have faith! So I have that and another Christmas thing to do this week, plus about a zillion and a half other things.

What can I say, it's the Holidaze!

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