Sunday, December 23, 2007

letting the Kat out of the bag

Okay, I can't not-talk-about-this any longer. It's not a secret, because some people already know (I think there are about 25, give or take). I've really debated if I wanted the *whole world* to know, but gosh darn it this is just too exciting. I have to talk about it.

It all started a little over a year ago. My friend CS asked me if I'd like to get involved in learning this thing. And my first thought was "omg NO, seriously, me? Really? Is she insane? I can't do that!" But I thought about it more, and figured well heck, it might be good for me, and it might be FUN. So yeah, sure, why not!

So she and I and a few other people would get together every week or two and learn some stuff and practice and it really was fun. And addicting. And thought-consuming, and time-consuming. Things to practice, stuff to make! We showed our skills to a select group of friends last January and people seemed to get a kick out it, which fanned the fire even more, although unfortunately it was hard to get together as much as we wanted.

Last March she and I went to a HUGE festival that featured this thing. Wow, that was awesome, and inspirational.

So in April I talked another friend (I am not sure if she wants to be anonymous or not so I'll just call her "A") into joining this adventure, and we ("A" and I) started taking lessons. Oooh, loved it. Great group, great teacher, totally hooked. Six months of beginner class and then we moved up to intermediate... Two and a half months there and we were in our first performance Wednesday night!!!

Are you confused yet? What the heck am I talking about?

*ahem* Drum roll please....


I am a bellydancer.

If you fell off your chair please pick yourself up. If you don't believe me, believe me. That's the truth. I drooled over the talent and costumes at Rakkasah West in March (when I stayed with my cousin in the bay area), started formal lessons in April, and performed at a banquet in Stockton Wednesday night. That definitely contributed to recently being really busy, as there was a lot to practice and I did quite a bit of work helping A assemble and sew a costume. I totally love it! It's fun, and I absolutely love the group of people. I totally adore the costuming, that's one of my favorite parts, I really like sewing stuff and making stuff and dyeing veils and I *really* like getting all dressed up! Whee! I think there's some appeal in it being something that really surprises the heck out of people too. ;-)

I'm not yet a member of the troupe but am like an apprentice, part of the student troupe. A and I were invited to take part in the performance (at a medical society banquet) on Wednesday, which was really awesome. I was nervous but excited. I made a few mistakes but nothing really major, probably nobody even noticed, and the other ladies said we were great, so yay!

But here's the really super duper exciting news. Thursday night in class we were invited to take part in the Rakkasah festival in Vallejo in March of 2008!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!! This is *the* festival, this is a really big deal, I am really quite shocked that I am going to be part of it. That's soooo exciting!!! My teacher has more faith in me than I do!

Looks like there will be one or two performances in January, so I'll probably be talking about those as they get closer. It's been *really* hard not talking about this for so long! But on the other hand it was also kind of fun to keep the secret, and it's still going to take me a few minutes to actually hit the "publish" button on this thing.

I know you want pics! I mostly have pics with other people and I don't think I should post those without permission, so I'm just going to put up one that A took here on Wednesday night. It came out all blurry and weird so I photoshopped it and made it arty, but you get the idea. Fun outfit, funky pose. ;-)

So, my very non-commenty bunch of readers, if this doesn't get you talking then nothing will!


Anonymous said...

Yay, well done you! I think it sounds great fun. Can't wait to see more pictures!

Katherine Plumer said...

Thanks. :-) I'll post more pics as I do more performances. I have a bunch more, but am not sure I should post anything that includes other people, especially not knowing if certain people want to be anonymous...

Anonymous said...

Whohoooo! I am so happy the cat's out of the bag (or should I say...belly dancer?). Hehe.

The pic turned out great! :-)

Anonymous said...

Well that makes you my second friend who has been bitten by the belly-dancing bug! I am sorry that I won't be able to attend in March. Good luck and congrats! - BM

Katherine Plumer said...

Hmm, do I know the first one?

There's a performance January 21 in Stockton but I don't know times or details yet. I'll post it when I do.