Thursday, May 17, 2007

rough evening

For the last couple evenings, I've seen Shylah laying down in the alleyway that connects the corral and pasture, just before sunset. I've checked her and she's been fine... but she's always been a funny horse and spends a lot more time on the ground than Gwen does...

I got back from dinner tonight around 8:30, and for some random reason decided to use the last snippet of daylight to visit the horses. They were out in the pasture, Gwen standing, Shylah laying down. What's up with that?! My fear is always founder. I'm obsessive about checking their digital pulses, feeling for heat in the hooves, watching for weight shifting, etc. Everything was fine there... I brought her into the corral and watched for a few minutes. She kicked her belly and went down on the ground again. Craaaaap. Colic.

I spent about an hour with her out there in the dark, first walking her to keep her from getting down and rolling. She was definitely uncomfortable, kept wanting to stop and roll, and she was pretty grumpy. Eventually she stopped trying to roll, so I sat down on a bench and just let her stand quietly for a while. It was really peaceful.. just the sound of crickets and bullfrogs... and finally gut gurgles and some big time equine flatulence. Ah yes, that's what I was waiting for.

She's fine now, all is well. I wish I knew what was causing this, as I'm now thinking she's had minor colics for the last few nights. There is nothing in the pasture that hasn't been there before, so I don't know if it's a particular plant, or if she's overeating, or... ugh!

Bottom line is she's okay and I'm immensely relieved, but I think I'll have to start restricting her pasture access.

That's seriously emotionally draining when a horse isn't feeling well. I'm whooped.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Shylah,
You and I need to have a talk. My dear, you simply do not realize the ways in which you terrorize your poor mother. You simply must not perform this colic dance again! It scares the life out of her and that is just not right! No more lying down...absolutely no kicking your tummy and rolling around...and no more excessive eating. Now that we have come to this understanding, what do you have to say for yourself? Hmmmm.....yes, that's I'm on your way! Silly girl!