Monday, May 28, 2007

May 28 work in progress

The clock is ticking on getting Draft Horse Classic entries done. I redid the sketch for the painting and got the gold base coat on today. You'll recognize this horse from a photo shoot I did a couple weeks ago. This is Aragorn, the Gypsy stallion. It's going to have a less than exciting title because I want to really get the point across that he's only a yearling. He'll be MUCH more "feathery" and have a bigger mane and tail when he's full grown.

The sketch:

The camera flash made this pretty wild, but the gold is just the base coat for the background. It'll probably end up being red. Or blue. Or... eeny meeny miney moe. (in other words I'm still thinking about it). ;-)

"Aragorn at one year"
18x36 inches
acrylic and ink on canvas
price pending completion

And I worked on the Rosecomb too. I'm thinking if I drop some sort of simple barnyard scene behind him I could even use this as a DHC entry (it's on a 12x12 piece of paper, I'm just cropping it when I scan it). The bird itself will be scanned and placed into a digital image, but there's nothing saying I can't "finish" the drawing and sell that too!

bird 8x8.5 inches
colored pencil, graphite, ink


Anonymous said...

The gold background looks soooo cool! I suppose it is gesso and gold paint? I think it will be really neat to see your finalized version of the rosecomb. Any titles in mind as of yet? The colors are soooo vibrant and beautiful!

Katherine Plumer said...

The thing about the gold is that when you don't see it with light reflected, it's *not* a very attractive color. I think the background will still be pretty metallic when I'm done, but it'll definitely be a different color.

The Rosecomb, the digital version, when done, will be "The Wakeup Call." As for the drawing on paper, which would have a different background (or lack thereof) I don't know... I'll have to see what (if anything) I do with it.