Friday, May 25, 2007

I hated to do it

But I can only stand so much crawling around on the ground underneath a horse combing out foxtail stickers with a fine-toothed comb. Every year at this time when I let the horses back on pasture, Gwen turns into a foxtail magnet because of her "feathers." (no problem with Shylah). I worry about the stickers burrowing into the legs, so I have to really stay on top of combing the darn things out, which is a huge pain and takes a long time. And every year I grumble "maybe I should just shave her." But *gasp* what a thing to do to a draft horse (well, half of one anyway!) Those feathers are a distinguishing feature! But yesterday I decided I'd had enough, so I took a scissors and chopped them off, and then borrowed a clippers from my neighbor and today I proceded to shave her. That was an adventure, Gwen has probably never seen a clippers before so she was about ready to run for the hills or climb the barn or something. But with a lot of time and coaxing I convinced her that I was not going to kill her or cut off anything vital, and then it was easy. She stood still like she'd been clipped a million times before, gave me no trouble at all.

So I hated to do it but I'm glad I did, this'll keep her foxtail free over the summer. It'll grow back. I DO miss her old look though! It's not a great trim by any stretch of the imagination, but it's functional and not cosmetic. I've never clipped a horse before, so this was new for both of us!

Beforehand.. feathers, glorious feathers!

After the scissor-trim.

Can you see all the foxtails embedded in there? Ugh! I can't believe how dense that hair is!

All done! The mare has legs, who knew it? :-)

Oh, and her spirits have greatly improved since being turned out again and she's put on weight, so I think she was just depressed. :-)


Anonymous said...

Well, of course her spirits are up... Sheesh, what lady doesn't like an occassional trip to the beauty parlor?

Katherine Plumer said...

Oh I dunno, she may miss those pretty feathers as much as I do! Being bare-legged, well I hate to say it but it makes her butt look big! Lol. I guess it's the horse equivalent of wearing jeans that are too tight at the ankles. She probably doesn't miss the stickers though, and neither do I!

Anonymous said...

I thought she was showing off a little quarter horse blood. Baby got back.
Living 70 miles from Ruidoso...quarter horses constitute the majority breed around here.Quarter horses and dairy cows! (with an Appaloosa thrown in once and a while.