Friday, May 11, 2007

Batch 4 chicks

Another one of those entries that'll be way boring if you aren't into chickens... this is last weekend's hatch.

Pen #B: Golden Duckwing OExRC male X Black, BBRed, Blue Brassy Splash females = 2 GDW?, 1 Blue Brassy Back, 1 Brassy Back, 1 Brown Red
Pen #E: Brassy Black (Black sport) male X Blue Brassy Back females = 1 Brassy Back, 1 Blue Brassy Back
Pen #T4: Cuckoo male X Cuckoo females = 1 Black
Pen #T5: Black male X Birchen OExRC and Blue Silver OExRC female = 1 Black
Pen #N1: BBRed male X BBRed and Brown Red females = 1 BBRed, 2 Brown Red
Pen #N2: Black male X Brassy Back females = 1 Brassy Back
Pen #N4: Black male X Black females = 1 Black
Pen #N5: Black male X Black females = 2 Black, 1 Brassy Back (sport, this happens from my blacks sometimes)

So yeah, really small batch. Two more batches to go, 5 and 6 should be bigger, and 5 has a bunch of Polish and Old English that I am hatching for a friend.


Dan said...

Really small hatch? and here I am listening to one lone Sebright chick that hatched out last night.. Talk about a small hatch! lol

Katherine Plumer said...

Yeah, okay you win, that's a smaller hatch. I don't even remember the last time I had only one chick hatch!