Sunday, May 06, 2007

Batch 3 chicks

Another one of those entries that'll be way boring if you aren't into chickens... this is last weekend's hatch.

Pen #O1: Brown Red male X BBRed females = 2 BBRed (1 single combed), 3 Brown Red (2 single combed)
Pen #O2: Brown Red male (son of O1) X BBRed females = 1 BBRed, 3 Brown Red
Pen #B: Golden Duckwing OExRC male X Black, BBRed, Blue Brassy Splash females = 1 Blue Brassy Back, 1 Brown Red, 2 BBRed(?) (both single combed), 2 golden duckwing(?) (1 single combed)
Pen #E: Brassy Black (Black sport) male X Blue Brassy Back females = 4 Brassy Back, 1 Blue Brassy Back
Pen #T4: Cuckoo male X Cuckoo females: 3 Cuckoo
Pen #T5: Black male X Birchen OExRC and Blue Silver OExRC female = 1 Brown Red, 1 Black
Pen #N1: BBRed male X BBRed and Brown Red females = 3 BBRed, 3 Brown Red
Pen #N2: Black male X Brassy Back females = 2 Brown Red
Pen #N4: Black male X Black females = 4 Black
Pen #N5: Black male X Black females = 3 Black

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Dan said...

i have another "batch" of eggs hatching today as well.. only on a much much smaller scale.. Looks like my first "raffle" eggs has hatched with another one pipped.. No complaints on my end, 5 sebrights and all seem very healthy. if the araucanas would start hatching...