Sunday, December 03, 2006

the things in my head

Sometimes I get to the end of the day with so much to say that I don't even know where to begin. It's been weird lately, and I hope some day to look back on this time and say "wow, I remember how worried I was." As the Standard job comes to an end (4 more to go) there's the big question of what's next. As my relatives are fond of reminding me, I could get some mind-numbing but high paying job, and spend the rest of my days bashing my head against the wall, wishing I was creating artwork. Most people in the world probably don't get it. They don't get this art thing. It's not about not wanting to work, it's about THIS IS SOMETHING I MUST DO, and holy crap you'd better believe it's hard work. Call it a calling, call it a passion, call it an obsession. Not making art is not an option. Full time art is the option. The only option I think I could live with. Success is a must. I refuse to quit. There are a lot of people who need to be proven wrong. ;-)

But then the doubts creep in again. The what ifs....

And then the confidence comes back. Arrogance perhaps. I'm good. Good enough to pull this off.

Such highs and such lows, in such short amounts of time. Yes, things are a bit strange right now.

I AM GOING TO SUCCEED. Just you watch. [crosses fingers?]

I'm a bit dismayed with what I'm finding out about galleries. There's one in Sacramento that I think has a lot of promise, but can I deal with a 50% cut in the sales? Or am I better off trying to sell on my own? Maybe a co-op would be a better bet, there are some in more remote areas that take a smaller cut. But they bring a smaller crowd, and probably sell less work. Or putting work out in stores? Smaller sales cut, but less exposure to people who go in with the intention to buy art. Hmm, which way to go.

I am full of ideas. Overflowing with ideas. Excited about ideas. I'm obsessed with chickens, and am determined to take the chicken art to the next level. Chickens in context. Chickens chickens chickens! Oh yeah and PET PORTRAITS (shameless plug).

I have requested permission to post the completed Standard drawings on line. We'll see...

I am working on the Phoenix (the last 4 drawings are all Phoenix) but progress is slow for the usual reasons, which I'll spare you. And I am doing some enormous paintings and wonder what I've gotten myself into, as I seem to have forgotten how to paint. No worries, I'm sure it'll come back to me. ;-)

I am opening an ebay store. Despite the costs, I think (hope) it will generate more sales than my website itself, and ultimately will be cheaper than putting things on ebay using the normal fees. If it doesn't work out, I can always cancel it, but if it goes well I'm going to pull the whole sales section off my website and transfer it all to ebay. I have a lot to sell, and that extra exposure may be just the ticket. I think I need to try every option of doing this on my own.


Oh! J.C. I finally remembered to put coconut in my oatmeal this morning, it was scrumptious! :-)

I need to get going on making the annual Christmas candy. Gotta get that done some time during the week I guess. Shoot, there just isn't enough time in this month!


Anonymous said...

Hey, have you tried the coconut pancakes yet? That's my personal breakfast favorite :-)

Anonymous said...

Don't give have an amazing talent...I think you can do it! We're pulling for you1
Rose and Kevin

Unknown said...

I've put shredded coconut, milk, and honey on my hot cereal since i was's sooooooo good.

Katherine Plumer said...

Java, are you Javachickn, or are you another Java? Just curious... :-)