Sunday, December 24, 2006

Big Dog Paintings!!!!!

Okay yay, I can post them now, since presents have been opened and people have seen them! :-) These are portraits of my "dogs in law" as I call them (dogs belonging to my brother and sis in law). They were done as Christmas gifts, but also as a way to show the painting style, which is pretty vastly different than the drawing style.

These are not shown to scale. I should have photographed the two together but I didn't think of that. Well, I can still do that some time, it's not like I'll never see these again! The photo quality is not great (photographed indoors, problem with glare on paint) so I will be getting these professionally photographed some time down the road.

acrylic and ink on canvas
30 by 40 inches

acrylic and ink on canvas
24x30 inches


Unknown said...

buckeye is soooo charming!!!

Anonymous said...

We LOVE the pictures of Bonnie and Buckeye. Thank you so much!!!! They look awesome in our house!!!
your sis-in-law Lindsey