Friday, December 15, 2006

Large Rose Comb Rhode Island Whites

This was sort of the grand background that make me decide "hey, I'm putting too much time into backgrounds!" This one was gobs of work. So after that I made some changes...

Large Rose Comb Rhode Island Whites
8x10 inches each
colored pencil, ink
on white paper
for the American Standard of Perfection


Polly said...

You were wondering who reads your blog. Well, I do! I keep a link to your blog on mine.

I love your work, it's absolutely wonderful, and worth every extra penny you increase the prices to! If that makes sense.I sure hope sales improve for you. Wish I was as prolific art wise. All my time seems to be taken up out at the barn shoveling poop and feeding!

I like to read about your horses and the progress you're making in their training. I have two but I'm nowhere near as experienced as you are.

Anyway, keep blogging. I love to come here and catch up on your news.

The new work you just posted is outstanding!

Katherine Plumer said...

Hi Polly, thanks for introducing yourself! Yes, I am always curious who reads this and who the anonymous commenters are! :-) I looked at your blog, I absolutely love your eraser relief prints!