Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

Yup, it's New Year's Eve and I'm in here alternating between updating my website (still nowhere near done!) and drawing chickens. I have no life, but you already knew that... Just thought I'd write a quickie blog and wish everyone a wonderful 2007.

I took a bunch of pics today:

Gwen, Dusty, and Shylah

Dusty and part of Gwen

Shylah, with Gwen in the background.

Dusty's normal expression ("hey, whatcha doin?") He was informing he was done with breakfast and ready to be let out. He eats sooooo slowly that I have to pen him up alone when I feed him.

Feeling his oats.

He's going to be going home soon. I am happy with how he is now, he's a good horse to ride. I never did get the gaiting consistent, but with me having no gaited-horse experience and him just not being inclined to do it anyway, I think that aspect was doomed to fail. I am going to miss him, he's been fun to have around, and I definitely plan to go visit him and ride him where he lives (it's only about 15 minutes away) and I hope to get him AND Shylah out on the trail some time.

Gwen, the grand grump. She was actually rather sociable today, I was impressed.

Shylah can be hard to photograph, because she wants to be rather close. She's so fuzzy!

I set up all the tables and chairs for the shindig tomorrow, and walked into the room to discover that Olin had decided to make a centerpiece out of himself. Good thing he's cute! :-)

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