Thursday, December 28, 2006

back home

I am back from the annual pilgrimage to the homeland... In other words I'm back from San Diego. I've been there every Christmas in my life except for one. Most of Mom's side of the family lives there. I was born there, lived there til I was three. I remember bits and pieces of things (going to the zoo a lot, some things about the house, little earthquakes, seeing my relatives a lot, and that amazing cake at Anthony's restaurant!) I wouldn't want to go back though, not to live there. It's nice to visit but there are way too many people down there, and I could never be a beach bum.

Some pics:

Southwest planes are very photogenic aren't they?

The ocean, quite mesmerizing to watch.

I feel like this right now too (maybe even look that way as well)... too many sweets in the last couple weeks (harbor seals in La Jolla at the "Children's Cove." I played there when I was a kid, now people are not allowed, it's a big controversy).

So I'll be back to work officially next week but hopefully also fitting in some time over the weekend. OMG I so wanted to be done with the SOP stuff before Christmas. *sigh* I'm going to start a bunch of new things next week anyway or I'm just going to drag my heels forever. Wish me luck....

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