Tuesday, February 07, 2006

To everyone with animals:

Have you heard of NAIS yet? This will affect EVERYONE with even ONE animal. I'm not just talking chickens here. This is bad... You need to read this stuff:

info on The Poultry Connection
info from Poultry Press


Anonymous said...


Ok, I am scared now...I was just having a normal day here at work, and thought I would read your blog and ....WHAMO! Haha. As it turns out, we have a Fair/Livestock Advisory meeting tonight, and I am going to bring the forms from the various sites you listed.
I wanted to read the info throughly, because I didn't want to jump on something that might have been an extremist venue. Very scary. Thanks for giving out the information and links, Katherine!

Katherine Plumer said...

Yeah, it really is scary. It's been "in the works" for several years now, and is starting to be implemented. Some states are already doing premises ID, which will progress to animal ID. Can you imagine having to ID every bird you have, and report when you remove it from your premises, and when you bring it back, and when you sell it? 200 chicks a year, 7 shows, trips to auction, it's an absolutely nightmare. And not just the chickens, but all livestock. Horses! If the horses leave the premises for a #$%& trail ride?! A trip to the vet! It would all have to be reported! What has happened to freedom? Grrrrrr.