Sunday, January 01, 2006

Gap in the Skyline

This weather The water has receded off the roads in the immediate area. We lost our biggest tree in the front yard. "Big" is relative term, and other people might call it a not-so-big tree, but it was the tallest in the yard... I did not see it fall. I was in the front room putting chairs away after today's annual shindig. All was well. The wind was ferocious... I took an armload of chairs back to the guest room closet, walked back to the front room, happened to look out the window, and something seemed amiss. Part of the front fence had fallen down earlier, but I saw another part fallen over, with something sticking through onto our side, and I thought "whoa, that's weird, some sort of big log sticking through from the neighbor's side." And then it dawned on me that the "big log" was actually the uprooted (well, more like snapped off just below ground level) trunk of our tree, which had fallen on top of the (now broken) fence, and into the neighbor's front yard. So that's going to change the view out the front window...

We've had some impressive weather here, but this is absolutely NOTHING compared to conditions elsewhere in the state...flooding, power outages, etc. I got some pretty impressive flood pics from a friend in Antioch, and read another friend's blog about massive power outages and falling trees up in Humboldt county. I know there are many many areas having major problems. :-(

Wild weather.

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