Saturday, December 31, 2005

Countdown to 2006

I am having my usual wild and crazy New Years Eve. My plans this year included efforts to completely avoid plans, which happened effortlessly, since I think the wild bunch has long since given up on me anyway. Just as well. I never was able to get into the party scene anyhow. :-)

So here I am, working on updating websites, writing blogs, planning some art projects, and figuring the order of things for getting back to work on Monday. Monday afternoon. Monday evening maybe. By Tuesday for certain.

How about you make them? I do but I don't. I don't like to refer to them as resolutions because I have never in my life managed to keep a resolution, so it seems doomed from the start to refer to them as such. I've had the same resolutions for the last, goodness, many years. Obviously I broke every one of them... But they are back again, things I would like to change in my personal and professional life. The line between personal and professional is pretty fuzzy, and in fact that's something I'd like to work on, among other things... Wouldn't it be nice to stop time for a little while and get caught up on things?

Oh, remember a little while back I said I got interviewed by a reporter from Florida about my foil sculptures? I found the article on line today (I am supposed to get a hard copy, I'll believe it when I see it). The article, if you want to see it, is right here.

I need to start making things to sell at the PPBA show. The marble tiles sold well last year but take an awfully long time to make, and they make my hand and wrist incredibly sore (because I have to use SO much pressure to get enough color saturation on such a hard surface). I really try to avoid harming my hands, since without them I'm sort of useless, so I think I may try doing some more "sketchy" type things in graphite on marble--should go quicker and be easier. I like the tiles, they are classy. And they sell, which is a pretty strong motivator these days. Unfortunately I won't have much time to work on stuff between now and then. I'll squeeze it in somehow though. There are tons of small items I could make to sell, but it's hard for them to be worthwhile--they take a long time, and it's hard to put a big price on a small item!

Still no word on the horse show in April. I hope to find out soon. I have a drawing in mind I would like to do for that show if I get in, but I'd have to have a fair amount of advance notice, and even at that I'm not sure I can fit it in until the Standard work is done, and that likely won't be til after the horse show.

That's about all the excitement. Chances are I won't make it til midnight. I know, I know...

I wish you all a Happy New Year, and here's hoping that 2006 treats you fairly, kindly, generously! :-)

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