Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Getting there!

Hoo wee, it's been some long crazy days of chicken and art prep. The birds are all done, as of a couple days ago, except I know I'll have to do some spot cleaning on Friday. The art stuff is coming along. I got a little crazy and made 4 more tiles (why leave leftovers undrawn??). I also scanned them all tonight, which took about an hour, so after the show I will get them up on the website and will be offering any unsold ones on the site (this might take a while, things are crazy lately).. I framed two new pieces today. Well, not new pieces exactly, old work that is newly framed, and wow they look classy! I'm quite happy with how the Silver Phoenix litho turned out. I hope everybody's in a spending mood this weekend! :-)

So come on out to the San Joaquin County Fairgrounds this weekend (Stockton, CA) and see the birds, and the art!

In other news, Fuzzby's eye looks normal again. She was quite freakish with that weird eye.

Starting February 1st I will have artwork hanging at Original Pete's, the pizza place at Sheldon and Bruceville in Elk Grove, across the parking lot from the theater. More detail later...

I hope I'm not forgetting anything...for this weekend, that is.

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