Thursday, January 12, 2006

Cross your fingers!

So I was ready to finish up washing birds this morning, and went out to the coop to gather up the 4 black pullets. There is one in particular out there that is just really outstanding, but I'd decided that I would wait and have her make her "show debut" at PPBA, rather than taking her with me this weekend. That's just out of concern, I don't want her to get scuffed up or damage any feathers before "the big one." So I was looking at the other black pullets, choosing which 4 I thought were best, and suddenly the gorgeous pullet hopped up onto the perch right in front of my face, and I swear she looked me right in the eyes, and if a chicken could convey "excuse me, but you ARE taking me to the show this weekend" that exactly what she said. So yeah, she's going. They don't normally do that to me, so I really can't ignore that. She is traveling alone in a large box, going into a vinyl-lined cage, and moving into her own suite at the conditioning coop when she gets home so that she stays pristine for PPBA. I need to name her, this is a special bird....hmmmm............

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