Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Two years!

It was two years ago today that a little scrap of a black horse came to live here after a rough first few months living in Canada. Shylah was sick, scrawny, unhandled...a real mess. She is now gorgeous, friendly, LOVES people, playful, inquisitive (overly helpful), and such a joy to be around. In six months she will be three years old, and it will be time to start riding! I've learned a lot about horse training in the last two years...having had basically no experience with it. Of course it helps to have a smart and willing student, which she is! I was going to take a good picture of her today, in the same place I had photographed her the first day I got her, but it's been rainy and crappy all day, so you'll have to settle for some older pics:

Two years ago:

Spring 2005:

Two years ago:

Summer 2005:


Anonymous said...

man kat, shy looks phenomenal... you're such a good person, not enough people like you.

Katherine Plumer said...

Thanks Ryan. :-) And it was nice to see you today!