Saturday, December 31, 2005


Wilton has a tendency to flood, at least parts of it. I grew up on a ranch along the river, and I remember the levee breaks and the flooding that resulted. It was scary, especially the first time, since I was just a little kid. The water didn't reach the house, since the house was up on a bit of a hill (it would have been darn near impossible for the house to flood), but watching the water creep up across the pastures was fascinating and terrifying at the same time. I remember walking down to the river after the water subsided, boot-deep in sticky mud in some places, and being so saddened by the things that had died--cows from somewhere upstream, rabbits, squirrels, and surely lots of smaller critters too. It's really quite scary. The rivers often win the battle of containment.

I think we are safe in the place I live now too. The roads around here flood, but the house and barn are up quite a bit higher than the roads. We got 2 inches of rain just overnight (add that onto the many inches in the last week and it makes for a very soggy place!). I've never seen quite this much water across the road. I was able to walk down there with rubber boots, and could have driven out, but I didn't have anywhere I needed to go today, so I didn't drive through it. I am not worried about it.

The pastures are totally saturated.

Normally you would not see any water here... Those are fields, not lakes.

And that's a road..

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