Saturday, December 10, 2005

umm, I can't think of one

I walked outside this morning to get the newspaper (having not gotten up terribly early, I'm still feeling pretty crappy), and was greeted by the sight of a small fuzzy kitten tottering up the driveway. The initial excitement and "aww how cute" feelings were quickly replaced with anger and sadness when I saw the kitten's eyes were completely crusted shut. It couldn't see it all, was sneezing and covered with dried snot, obviously had BAD case of worms, and was just the most pathetic little thing. It heard me and walked up to me, purring like a little motorboat. I felt sick. A couple months back I posted something here about another sick and blind kitten that I had found. I since edited that post, but upon returning the previous kitten to its owners, I had some pretty terse words about getting the problem taken care of. This was obviously not from the same litter as the previous one, so obviously the female was not ever spayed. I took the kitten to its owners' house, but they weren't home. Lucky for them, I was in a shin-kicking kind of mood. I left it on the front porch, hoping it would stick around, and Mom left them a message informing them that we had found yet another one of their sick kittens, etc. I wish they would have been home, I would have liked to have just handed it over with not a word spoken, just a dirty look to convey how utterly disgusted I am by them.


In brighter news, I picked up frames for some of the Standard chicken drawings the other day and assembled them yesterday. WOW. What a difference a frame can make, they look totally awesome. I had to order some shipping boxes, and once those arrive I will be sending out the first batch of drawings. In a way that's kind of sad, I've had them a long time now and gotten rather attached, but it'll be good for them to be at their "final homes" where they can truly be appreciated (I hope!).

It was great weather today, I wish I would have been able to work the horses today. I'm tired of this cold.

I'm such a whiner, I know. :-)

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