Monday, September 05, 2011

of camera-shy dogs and helpful horses

Okay seriously, can someone please slow time down a little bit? I need more hours, more days, more weeks....


There is a particular photograph I'm trying to take of Angus, because I want to use it (well, "them" I guess, I want several photos) as a reference for a drawing. When the front door is open in the morning, he'll lay on the tiles and look out at the world through the screen door, watching the neighbors, waiting for the dog biscuit fairy, etc. The lighting is lovely, and he's so cute with his ears just slightly perked, his eyebrows all curious....

But if you point a camera at his face and he catches you doing it, he kinda shuts down. He'll turn away, walk away, look dejected, look guilty, look miserable, etc. None of which is what I want, so I'm going to have to enlist a little help (perhaps bearing dog biscuits) for this photo shoot. See, these photos just don't show the expression I'm aiming for! Ha ha ha...

Speaking of camera-shy, that doesn't apply to the horses at all. (Whoa, was that like the worst transition ever?) My horses have very different personalities. One way to notice this difference is to prepare for some sort of activity around the barn. This is the sort of response you'll get from Gwen:

Right, she doesn't give a rat's butt what I'm doing, she's busy.

Shylah, on the other hand, is always ready for adventure:

Even if the adventure is something really mundane like... picking up poo! Oh yeah, she's REALLY "helpful" with everything, has to inspect everything, and is pretty much in my way the entire time.

A friend of mine takes home buckets of horse manure for his compost pile... that bucket is empty! Shylah likes to give everything a "pre-fill inspection."

And then Mom brought out some overly ripe zucchinis and put them in Shylah's feeder....

Angus says "Hey Shylah, whatcha got there, smells good!"

And he proceeded to clean up everything she dropped, and she proceeded to drop large chunks of half-chewed zucchinis onto him. Gross!

And then she cleaned him up a bit! Ooooh I was laughing so hard!

What a bunch of dorks!

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