Monday, September 26, 2011

the horses of Draft Horse Classic

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth! In case you missed all the shameless self-promotion beforehand, I was gone at an art show Thursday through Sunday. It was Draft Horse Classic time! I loooooove this show. I missed the last two years, but my gosh it was so good to be back. I really don't ever want to miss it again. The people, the horses, the setting, I just love it.

I'll talk about the art show in a later post, this one is all about the horses! I actually get a little more chance to see the horses now than I did a few years ago because the art show hours have changed a bit. It's hard (okay, impossible) to get away from the booth during the show itself. But they do give us artists tickets to the Thursday evening show, and since the art show opens at noon on Fridays you can usually find all the artists gathered at the fence watching the halter classes on Friday morning.

If you've never stood next to a draft horse and marveled at their size, you are missing out on an experience. These animals are incredible!