Friday, September 09, 2011

11 sticks of butter

That's how much butter I used today, 11 sticks!!! I baked for ten hours today making desserts for a wedding (tomorrow.)

This is what 10 hours of baking does to the kitchen countertop, eeeeeek!!

This is also what 10 hours of baking does. That's two pans of chocolate mint squares, 80ish lemon cream shortbread tarts, and 4 different kinds of frosting (for the 400 cupcakes I made and froze last weekend):

Here's the 400 cupcakes I made last weekend:

I also made 100 macaroon cookies last weekend too but forgot to photograph them.

And here's how the kitchen counter looks after I clean up all the mess I made! Aaaahhh. All done! :-)

Now, cross your fingers that I catch the bouquet tomorrow! ;-) It's about time, seriously...


Granny Annie said...

1.) My kitchen counter would look a lot worse than that after 11 hours baking. Plus my floors and ceiling would be in pretty bad shape as well.

2.) Just when would you have time for romance in your life anyway?

Katherine Plumer said...

1) Angus takes care of whatever I drop on the floor. I don't think I've ever gotten anything on the ceiling, but sometimes I have to wipe off the cabinets.

2) I like to think that if something is important, one can always make the time for it. ;-)

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